Painting Price

Space/Seneca Nation Paintings

Hodijöni’ga:’ (They Are of the Bear Clan) 500

Hodinyögwaiyo’ (They Are of the Deer Clan) 500

Honödaë’ö:ga:’ (They Are of the Heron Clan) 500

Honötha:yö:nih (They Are of the Wolf Clan) 500

Hodigë’ge:ga: (They Are of the Beaver Clan) 500

Hodigë’ge:ga: (They Are of the Beaver Clan) Sold

Hodiswë’gaiyo’ (They Are of the Hawk Clan)

Hodiswë’gaiyo’ (They Are of the Hawk Clan) Sold

Hodi’nehsi:yo’ (They Are of the Snipe Clan) 500

Hadinyahdë:h (They Are of the Turtle Clan) 350

Native American and World Petroglyphs

Petroglyph 500

Antelope Sold

Elk Sold

Hands On 400

Bearhunt 500

Antelope in Iran 300

Petroglyph 1 50

Petroglyph 2 50

Petroglyph 3 50

Petroglyph 4 50

Petroglyph 5 50

Petroglyph 6 50

Petroglyph 7 50

Petroglyph 8 70

Petroglyph 9 70


Nebula 1000

First Peoples 1500

Nebula 800

Galaxy 500

Liftoff 300

Distant Moon (Pluto) 200

Nebula 400


Siberian Iris

White Pine

White Pine Study

Cedar Study

Bird and Juniper


White Pine


White Pine-Fern-Juniper-Cedar

Winter Meadow

Meadow 1

Meadow 2

Meadow 3

Meadow 4




White Pine



Red Maple (need photo)


Max and Gus Sold

Dog (or Cat?) 400

Dog and Bunny Sold

Ogre Sold


Sun 1000

Mercury 500

Venus 500

Earth and Moon 500

Mars and Her Babies 500

Jupiter 500

Saturn 500

Uranus 400

Neptune and Moon 500

Paintings on Glass

Macleia Cordata

Acer dissectum

Acer dissectum

Acer palmatum

Macleia Cordata

White Pine

Pet Portraits

Nellie Sold

Rosie Sold

Daisy with a Pearl Earring Sold

Mojo Sold

Nellie Sold