Speaking about my work at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center



I was born in the Bronx and raised on Long Island, and for the past thirty-odd years have lived in the Finger Lakes and Rochester, New York, after attending college in upstate New York.  While in college I took an astronomy course and was blown away by the vastness and beauty of the universe. Then came the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope, which, in comparison to Earth-based telescopes, was like giving a blind person vision.  It was mesmerizing, opening up the universe to images that, to me, were mind-boggling.

While in college studying chemistry I worked summers as a laborer on a landscape construction crew on Long Island.  I loved the creativity and engineering involved in building gardens and large scale landscapes (not to mention working outside and getting a tan and muscles!).   Much to my mother’s and my chemistry professors’ dismay, after college I continued to work in the landscape field and have never looked back.

So, I have been a landscape designer by trade, profession and obsession since 1979. The ability to actually earn a living creating three-dimensional outdoor spaces has been a blessing for my brain and soul.  But, as with many artists, my interests are not confined to one artistic discipline.  My painting career started out with a desire to paint graffiti. I’ve always loved looking at the amazing works of art on the sides of buildings, trains and other large flat surfaces, and I became obsessed with learning how to paint like so many of those amazing street artists. While graffiti artists have been vilified as vandals, I’ve looked at their work as it truly is: stunning large-scale art in unusual places. And you can’t argue with art beautifying an otherwise boring wall. It also makes waiting for a freight train to go by much more satisfying.

While the desire to create graffiti worthy of the term still exists, I have found a place creating paintings inspired by space (particularly photos from, of course, the Hubble Space Telescope), Native American art and from nature.  My interest in Native American culture and art stems simply from a respect of their culture. I currently live in the heart of the former Seneca Nation of New York and felt it would be apropos to honor them in paint.

Thank you for looking and please let me know if you have any questions or comments.